From 380 pounds to Half-Marathoner!

Moline, IL, September 11, 2013:  Nathan Brown is going to be last for the half marathon, but that is OK with him. In November 2012 he weighed 380 lbs. and he was tired. “I was tired of being fat, tired of not being able to play with my kids the way they wanted me to; tired of all the excuses to why I can’t lose weight.” November 1, 2012 Brown made two goals, 1) to lose weight, 2) run every race in Davenport. His first race was the Chili Chase and he has to walk about half of it, next was the St. Patrick’s Day race where he ran all but one block. Then, in April at the Easter Egg Scramble he ran the whole 5K and never looked back! To date he has ran in 12 races with the most recent being the Orion Charger 10-miler in August. He is now getting ready for and looking forward to running THE Quad Cities Marathon ½ Marathon distance. One year ago he thought marathoners were crazy, now, 85 pounds lighter he is joining the “crazy!”