Women’s TBK Bank Quad Cities Marathon Field Has Added Depth in 2018 Edition

MOLINE, IL - The 2018 TBK Bank Quad Cities Marathon has added depth in the elite runner women's field. Thirteen elites are in the field, with at least six runners capable of running sub 2:50 on the course. The race is set for 7-am, Sun. Sept. 23rd, with a start and finish at John Deere Commoms in Moline.

Four of the elites are returning to the QCM: Joan Massah (Kenya), Doreen Kitaka (Kenya), Meseret Basa (Ethiopia), and Valentyna Poltavska (Ukraine).

Massah was second last year at QCM in 2:46:53. Massah also won last year's Des Moines (2:42:43) and Lincoln Marathons (2:48:22). Her best time this year is a 2:44:02 at Grandma's Marathon.

Kitaka was third at the 2017 QCM (2:51:00) and placed eighth at the 2017 Lagos Marathon (2:43:49).

Basa clocked a 2:44:40 to place second at the 2017 Richmond Marathon, Basa also placed fifth at the 2017 QCM and third at the 2016 QCM.

Poltavska was the 2005 QCM overall winner in 2:45:35. She has since performed well on the master's marathon circuit. In 2018, she won master's titles at Grandma's (2:48:16) and Green Bay (2:52:44). In 2017, she won overall and master's titles in Detroit (2:49:52).

A top newcomer is Shawanna White (Columbia, SC). Her best time this year is 2:45:19 at Newport News to place third. She ran 2:51:14 at this year's Mercedes Marathon to place second. She was the winner at the 2017 Rocket City Marathon in 2:49:26.

Dani Steinbacher (Ann Arbor, MI) is another top elite. She ran 2:54:51 last year to place second at Carlsbad. She also owns a 2:50:08 from the 2016 Chicago Marathon and a 2:47:16 from the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Alem Ashebir (Ethiopia) has solid career bests and will be looking to get back into the marathon scene. Her PR of 2:37:08 is from the 2007 Singapore Marathon. Her 1/2-marathon best is 1:12:52.

Lisa Johnson (Racine, WI) owns a pair of recent fourth place overall finishes: 2018 Green Bay (3:03:28) and 2017 Lakefront (3:02:46).

Three other top elites are looking to make their mark at the marathon distance. Bose Gemeda Assefa (Ethiopia) ran 1:17:42 at this year's Brooklyn Half and ran 1:16:16 for a half in 2016. Betty Kathambi (Kenya) has a 1/2-marathon best of 1:15:57 from 2015 in Vannes, FRA. Jessica Moskalewski (Ravenna, MI) placed second at the 2018 Alton 1/2-marathon in 1:23:52.

Nalley Quiroz (Mexico) and Bertha Estela Sanchez (Mexico) round out the elite field. Quiroz was 20th at the 2016 Torreon, MEX, Marathon. Sanchez is a Senior Grand Master's runner with a recent best of 3:21:24 from 2015 Boston Marathon.

Ethiopia's Hirut Guangul holds the women's course record in 2:35:07 from her 2012 win. Last year's winner, Belayinesh Fikadu (Ethiopia), is not entered this year. Fikadu ran 2:42:11 in 2017 on a hot and humid morning.

Six Elites Look to Contend in Women's Field at 2018 Mel Foster Half

The 2018 Mel Foster Half Marathon features quality up front in the women's field. Brittany Charboneau (Denver, CO) has the top seed time at 1:17:37 from her win at the 2018 Disney Half Marathon. She also ran a solid 2:36:25 at the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon to place sixth overall.

Jane Bareikis (Crestwood, IL) also has run sub 1:18. She clocked a 1:17:55 to place 2nd at the 2018 North Shore Half Marathon. Bareikis added a 1:18:17 half this year in Edmonton, CAN. Kristin Johnson (Chicago, IL) has a half PR of 1:18:53 from the 2016 Get Lucky race.

Danielle Hodge (Iowa City, IA) is another top contender with a 1:24:11 half performance at the 2018 CRANDIC race. She added a 2:51:04 marathon performance at this year's Grandma's Marathon.

Jessica Hodge (North Liberty, IA) and Brendelyn Juergens (Coal Valley, IL) round out the elite entries. Hodge ran 44:14 and Juergens ran 45:59 at this year's QC Times Bix-7 Mile.

The course record is 1:14:23, set by Laura Batterink (Evanston, IL) in 2014. Last year's winner was Julie Crutchfield (Wilmington, IL) with a 1:26:19 on a hot and humid race day.


1. Joan Massah, Kenya
3. Doreen Kitaka, Kenya
5. Meseret Basa, Ethiopia
7. Valentyna Poltavska, Ukraine *
9. Shawanna White, Columbia, SC
11. Dani Steinbacher, Ann Arbor, MI
15. Alem Ashebir, Ethiopia
17. Lisa Johnson, Racine, WI
19. Bose Gemeda Assefa, Ethiopia
21. Betty Kathambi, Kenya
23. Jessica Moskalewski, Ravenna, MI
25. Nallely Quiroz, Mexico
27. Bertha Estela Sanchez, Mexico *

7000. Brittany Charboneau, Denver, CO
7001. Jane Bareikis, Crestwood, IL
7002. Kristin Johnson, Chicago, IL
7003. Danielle Hodge, Iowa City, IA
7004. Jessica Hodge, North Liberty, IA
7005. Brendelyn Juergens, Coal Valley, IL

* Masters Division