Active Endeavors Health and Fitness Expo

When: Saturday, September 22, 2018 from 9 AM to 6 PM

Where: iWireless Center, 1201 River Drive, Moline, IL 61265

The Quad Cities Marathon excitement all starts with the race's ACTIVE ENDEAVORS Health and Fitness Expo "kick-off party" held September 23, 2017. The Expo brings together athletes, family members, sports enthusiasts, and guests of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, making it the perfect showcase for your fitness-related product or service. The Expo is free and open to the public. In conjunction, free seminars on a number of topics relating to running/walking, health, beauty and fitness, and the course overview will be offered. All race participants are required to pick up their packets and race numbers at the Expo.  We anticipate over 6,500+ participants and more than 14,300+ expo attendees based on last year's participation.

Again this year, the event returns to the largest event arena in the Quad Cities Area. The i wireless Center contains 11,000 square feet of lobby space, and 15,000 square feet of upper bowl floor space, each featuring high-visibility exhibit space, high ceilings, with both natural light and artificial light, creating an inviting environment for both exhibitors and customers. 
The i Wireless Center is right on the Mississippi river adjacent to the Radisson Inn, the John Deere Pavilion, and within walking distance of Downtown Moline, making it an attractive family destination for both local and out-of-state race participants.

Directions to Downtown Moline

From Iowa From Illinois
  • Take Interstate 74 East (to Peoria)
  • Cross the bridge into Illinois
  • Take the 2nd Illinois exit (7th Ave.)
  • Take right on 7th Ave. at the stop light.
  • Follow 7th Ave. to 12th St.
  • Take a right on 12th St. Follow to River Dr.
  • Follow Interstate 74 West
  • Take the last Illinois Exit (7th Ave.)
  • Take a left on 7th Ave. at the stop light.
  • Take a right on 12th Street and follow to River Drive.

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Dates and Hours

Expo Open to the Public

Exhibitors Move Out

Sat, Sep 22, 9 AM - 6 PM

Sat, Sep 22, 6 PM - 10 PM




Hotel Accommodations   Click here for Hotel Accommodations


Speaker and Clinic Schedule



2018 Event Demographics

  • 10,000+ Expo Visitors and over 40 exhibitors
  • Participants from 35 states and 6 countries
  • 43% Women, 57% Men
  • Average age 41 years old
  • 39% Half Marathon
  • 21% 5-Person Marathon Relay
  • 20% 5K
  • 13% Marathon
  • 4% 1-mile Walk
  • 3% Kids MicroMarathon


Click the Logo to Register as an Exhibitor:

Booth Prices

Take advantage of this advance exhibitor booth space offer and lock in your booth early. As a thank you for coming to our expo exhibitors will receive:

  • Access to the Expo hospitality area (includes breakfast buffet, and lunch)
  • An advertisement and link to your website via expo exhibitor list. (Please email Expo Director your website address and logo after registration)

Sponsors,  Complimentary

You will need an access code to register for booth space. Please email  Expo Director for that code.

Booth Fee (early registration through 9/1 at 11:59 pm US/Central)

  • Single Booth (10' x 10') $475 each

Booth Fee (late registration 9/1 at 11:59 pm US/Central through 9/17 at 11:59 pm US/Central)

  • Single Booth (10' x 10') $575 each

Non-Profit 501(c) 

  • Single Booth (10' x 10') $50

You will need an access code to register for booth space. Please email Expo Director for that code.

Price Includes:

  • 6' - 8' skirted table
  • 2 chairs
  • pipe and drape
  • WiFi


Available for Additional Fees:

  • Table
  • Chairs

Freight: The i Wireless Center does NOT require the use of union-labor. However, arrangements can be made for professional freight handlers and decorators through the i Wireless Center Event Management Department

Virtual Event Bag 

The Quad Cities Marathon is offiering a Virtual Event Bag Program which is a great way to get information on your goods and/or services in front of 6,500+ potential customers this year. It is extremely cost effective, too! The Quad Cities Marathon will email all registered marathoners, half marathoners, relays, 5K , 1 mile and Kids Micro-marathon participants. The Virtual Event Bag is a way to be more GREEN!  
You can offer a discount, an advertisement, a give away and more.  

If you have any questions about the Virtual Event Bag, please email Expo Director.


  • $250 Non-Exhibitor/per item
  • $100 Exhibitor/per item
  • Sponsors this is included in your sposnosrhip

NOTE: the Virtual Event Bag must be completed by September 15th, 2017 or a week prior. You will register online for the Virtual Event Bag and then email the Expo Director to get your item added.

Finish Line Festival - Sunday 23, 2018

The Quad Cities Marathon Finish Line Festival on Sunday 23, 2018 from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm is a great way to join in on the Post Race Party.  We want to give you the best chance possible to promote your food and beverage products. You will reach participants and their friends and family alike. Come join in the fun with the Best Community Finish Line Party around, make a day of it.
Take advantage of this advance exhibitor booth space offer and lock in your booth early. As a thank you for coming to our race day festival exhibitors will receive:

  • An advertisement and link to your website via exhibitor list
  • Post Race Party

Space Fee (registration through 9/1 at 11:59 pm US/Central)

  • Single Space (10' x 10') $150 each


Terms and Conditions

The Quad Cities Marathon Health and Fitness Expo, Race Day Festival is intended to be a rewarding experience for exhibitors, sponsors, runners and attendees. We want to give you the best chance possible to promote your business and products. In order to assure fairness and priority, all exhibitors are bound by the following Terms and Conditions and any additional Terms and Conditions that the Marathon determines necessary.

  1. All booths must be paid in full at time of registration.
  2. Exhibitor must check-in with Quad Cities Marathon staff at the exhibitor check in table located at the main entrance to the expo. Race Day Festival check-in is located at the exit end of the post race party area.
  3. Exhibitor agrees that all displays must be fully set-up for Health and Fitness Expo by 9:00 a.m. on Saturday September 22, 2018. Race Day Festival by 6:00 a.m. on Sunday September 23, 2018. No cases or packing materials of any sort may be brought in or out during expo and festival hours.
  4. Exhibitor agrees to have booth space open and fully staffed during show hours Health and Fitness Expo (Saturday, September 22, 2018, 10-7:30 p.m.), Race Day Festival (Sunday September 23, 2018, 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.)
  5. It is mutually agreed that it is the duty and responsibility of each Exhibitor to obtain any necessary government permits.
  6. All Exhibitors shall dismantle the booths immediately following the close of the exhibition and festival.
  7. Exhibitor agrees that no refunds will be made to any Exhibitor who fails to occupy their space or to any Exhibitor whose registration and/or participation has been revoked for any reason other than a failure of the Marathon to provide exhibition space. In the event that the Marathon is unable to provide exhibition space for a reason other than those events and reason set forth in Paragraph 21, the Exhibitor agrees that damages are limited to, and shall not exceed, the refund of the fee paid by the exhibitor for the exhibition space.
  8. Exhibitor understands the nature of the event and ASSUMES ALL RISK associated with Exhibitor's participation in this event. By execution of this application, Exhibitor hereby releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue the Quad Cities Marathon, i-Wireless Center, City of Moline and their officers, members, directors, owners, representatives, agents, employees, affiliates, sponsors, and any successors (collectively "Released Parties") from any and all claims or liability for personal injury or property damage Exhibitor may suffer while on the premises of the i-Wireless Center and City of Moline. This release and wavier of rights includes, but is not limited to ANY AND ALL claims or liability without limitation, the sole or contributory negligence of any or all of the Released Parties, foreseen or unforeseen conditions on the premises of the event, and the conduct of any person in connection with, preparation of, or supervision for the course of my participation in this event. Exhibitor is also releasing any claim its family, guardian, representative and/or estate might wish to make by reason of injury or damage. The Quad Cities Marathon will hire security personnel in an attempt to secure materials kept in the exhibit hall and festival area when the show is not open to the public. The Quad Cities Marathon will not be liable for acts or omissions of security personnel. Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for loss, theft, or destruction of goods. Exhibitor is specifically releasing the Released Parties, individually and collectively, for their negligence in any form. In execution of this application, EXHIBITOR FULLY RECOGNIZES THAT IF EXHIBITOR IS HURT AND/OR PROPERTY IS DAMAGED WHILE ON THE PREMISES OF THE i-WIRELESS CONVENTION CENTER, EXHIBITOR WILL HAVE NO RIGHT TO MAKE A CLAIM OR FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE RELEASED PARTIES EVEN IF THEY OR ANY OF THEM CAUSED EXHBITOR'S INJURY OR DAMAGE BY THEIR NEGLIGENCE.
  9. By execution of this application, Exhibitor agrees that the Quad Cities Marathon in its sole and absolute discretion can accept or deny this Application for Exhibitor Registration for any reason whatsoever. Exhibitor also agrees that the Quad Cities Marathon reserves the right to reject or restrict any exhibit that the Quad Cities Marathon determines to be objectionable, in poor taste, illegal, or not in keeping with the quality or character of the Exposition/Festival. Further, Exhibitor agrees that the Quad Cities Marathon, in its sole and absolute discretion can revoke an Exhibitor's registration and/or participation for any reason, including but not limited to, undesirable behavior, abusive or offensive language, and/or distribution of unregistered or unlawful goods.
  10. Exhibitor agrees displays will not visually or physically disturb aisles or adjacent exhibitors.
  11. The Exhibitor will not hand out materials outside of their assigned booth space.
  12. Exhibitors may hand carry all items into the exhibit hall. Any materials requiring forklift assistance must be arranged through the i Wireless Center at the cost of exhibitor.
  13. Work done in connection with exhibit erection and dismantling may be conducted by employees of the exhibitor. Any work in connection with exhibit erection and dismantling performed by non-exhibitor employees is to be performed by skilled labor and can be arranged by the i Wireless Center at established rates. Arrangements should be made in advance with the i Wireless Center.
  14. Do not nail staple, tape, spray, hang or attach anything to walls, ceilings, fixtures, and floors. Stickers, glitter, and confetti are not permitted in the facility.
  15. 15. All buntings, curtains, and draping of any kind shall be made of non-combustible material. Straw, chips and any other flammable material shall be used for display purposes only if they are treated (fireproofed). Plastic shall be placed on the floor before the material is used. Material shall be contained from spreading beyond the plastic area.
  16. Exhibitors shall be responsible for making their exhibit accessible to persons with disabilities, as required by American with Disabilities Act and shall hold the Quad Cities Marathon and the City of Moline harmless of any consequence of failing to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  17. Upon receipt of contract, exhibitor is liable for all associated fees outlined in the contract.
  18. Booth trash must be kept inside each booth and disposed of in appropriate containers. Trash/boxes should not be placed in aisles or on exhibit hall floors. At the end of each day, broken down boxes may be placed outside of booth for pick-up. Boxes that are not broken down will not be taken.
  19. All exhibitors shall comply with all federal, state, and municipal codes that apply to places or buildings of public assembly, and all applicable laws and rules of the Quad Cities Marathon as well as i-Wireless Convention Center.
  20. Exhibitor agrees not to deface property and agrees to accept liability for any damage to property of others or i-Wireless Center. Any damage shall be remedied at the Exhibitors expense and to the satisfaction of the property owner.
  21. In the event of war, fire, terrorist attack, public catastrophe, strike, act of God, civil unrest or other uncontrollable cause, The Quad Cities Marathon or any part thereof is prevented from being held, or cancelled, the Quad Cities Marathon shall, in its sole discretion, determine a refund, if any, to be paid to Exhibitors.
  22. While care is taken that the exhibitor spaces are the dimensions stated at the time of accepting the Exhibitors' applications for space, the Quad Cities Marathon shall not be liable for any minor variation that may occur. Exhibitors and/or their contractors are responsible for checking the accuracy of the marking out of their allotted space.
  23. Exhibitor understands and agrees that information about Exhibitor, including the information on this form, may be provided to third parties for any legitimate purposes, including commercial marketing purposes. Exhibitor further grants full permission to the Release Parties, and/or agents authorized by them, to use any photographs, video tapes, motion pictures, or any other record of the event for any reasonable purpose.
  24. Exhibitor shall not sublet the exhibit space contracted for and shall not exhibit or permit to be exhibit any merchandise other than specified in the application.
  25. Only one exhibitor may occupy assigned booth space.
  26. The Quad Cities Marathon shall assign booths at its discretion and reserves the right to change any exhibitor's assigned booth prior to set up. No acts or communication prior to set up shall be construed as a guarantee of assignment to any particular Exhibitor.
  27. Exhibitor agrees to maintain in effect and, upon request, shall supply THE Quad Cities Marathon with certificate of insurance for general liability insurance with combined bodily injury and property damage limits of $500,000 each occurrence with $1,000,000 aggregate. THE Quad Cities Marathon and the City of Moline shall not be responsible for loss or damage occurring to Exhibitor's Property for any cause.
  28. This agreement shall be governed by Illinois law. The parties agree venue for any suit relating to this Agreement or Exhibitor's use of the iWireless center or participation in the QC Marathon shall be Rock Island County, Illinois. In the event the QC Marathon is required to file suit to enforce the terms of this Agreement, or successfully defends a lawsuit from Exhibitor, the QC Marathon shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit.
  29. The terms of this Agreement may be amended only by a written document signed by both parties.