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Necker's Jewelers

Looking for a little healthy competition? Take the Challenge!

You and your colleagues are cordially invited to participate in the Necker's Jewelers Corporate Challenge or Necker's Jewelers Non-Profit Challenge. The Corporate Challenge provides a little healthy competition for Quad Cities Area companies and it's free. See if your company, business or non-profit organization can win this year's traveling trophy. It's based on participation number, not speed, so runners of all ability-levels can participate. The more participants from your group, the better your chances of winning. You and your immediate family can enter any event, just check the appropriate boxes on the registration form and you're in.

To download a Corporate Team flyer, please click here.  To join the Challenge, please be sure to include your organization's name when you register. 

Previous Winners

  • Corporate Challenge under 75 Employees: Rock River Arms 
  • Corporate Challenge over 75 Employees: John Deere
  • Non-Profit Organization: Epilepsy Foundation

2017 over 75 employee, John Deere
2017 under 75 employees, Rock River Arms
2017 Epilepsy Foundation, non-profit