With great bands to keep you motivated, 23 water, Gatorade, and CarbBoom! Energy Gels® stops, and UnityPoint Health System medical teams to keep you moving, The Quad Cities Marathon races are some of the best supported anywhere.

Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance will be available between miles 6/7 and miles 8/9 in Davenport, between miles 12/13 in Rock Island, between miles 18/19 on Arsenal Island, mile 24 in Moline and at the finish line.  Please remember that the nearest medical help might be behind you.

If you experience a medical issue while on the course, look for the nearest Medical Assistance station.  If you aren't near a Medical Station and you need medical assistance, please find the nearest Course Marshal.

If you are unable to complete the race due to medical reasons, or you are transferred to a local hospital, the information will be forwarded to the Finish Line Aid Station.  Your family or friends will be notified as soon as possible. Please be aware that medical staff will pull any runner from the race if they believe the participant is unfit to continue.

Please fill out the medical information on the back of your bib.  Your safety is our greatest concern.

Emergency Medical Protocol for QCM Volunteers

Water and Fluid Replacement

Approximately 15 water stations and approximately six Gatorade Energy drink stations (with Gatorade Endurance Formula), as well as CarbBoom! Energy Gels® Stations will be located throughout the course.

Mile 2 Water
Mile 3 Restrooms/Water/Gatorade
Mile 4 CarbBoom! Energy Gels®
Mile 5 Water/Restrooms/Vaseline
Mile 6 Water/Restrooms/Medical/Gatorade
Mile 7 Water/RestroomsWater/Restrooms
Mile 8 Water/Restrooms/Medical
Mile 9 Water/Restrooms/Gatorade/Boom!
Mile 11 Water/Restrooms/Gatorade
Mile 12 Water/Restrooms/Medical/Gatorade
Mile 13 Water
Mile 14 Sponges
Mile 15 Water/Restrooms/Boom!
Mile 16 Water/Restrooms
Mile 17 Fruits/Candy
Mile 18 Restrooms/ Medical/Sponges
Mile 19 CarbBoom! Energy Gels®
Mile 20 Water/Restrooms/Fruit/Candy
Mile 21 Water/Restrooms/Gatorade
Mile 22 Water/Restrooms
Mile 23 Water/Restrooms
Mile 24 Restrooms/Medical
Mile 25 Water / Restrooms