QCM Volunteer Emergency Protocol

Recognizing a runner in trouble

If a runner is weaving, running with poor posture, appears uncoordinated, or is carrying his/her arms in a waving fashion, offer medical assistance.

Assisting runners who stop or fall

  • If a runner stops or falls and then tries to continue, ask the runner:
  • What city are you in?
  •  What is your name?
  • What was the last mile marker you passed?
  • If the runner has trouble answering the questions, keep him/her stationary until medical help arrives if you are able.

Directing injured runners to the nearest Medical Aid Station

  • For any minor injuries, send runners to the nearest Medical Aid Station – remember, it may be behind you!
  • If you identify a runner who doesn’t want to leave the course and they are able to continue on:  Take down their bib number and report to the Medical Liaison.

If a runner requires emergency assistance, take the following steps

  • If you are near a medical station call the medical volunteer over.
  • If you are not near a medical station dial 911.
  • Notify the EMS, Police or other Emergency Service.  Be sure to report your exact location including the city you are in.
  • The first Course Marshal to notice the incident should contact a course medical volunteer.
  • Second Course Marshall should stay at site and assist police in filing a report.
  • Collect witness information and report to supervisor. You should collect the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses. Provide any or all of the information above in full to the Race Director.  If necessary, the Race Director or Executive Director will follow-up the incident with any appropriate actions such as contacting the insurance company.
  • Volunteers: Give their contact information to the police.