Pammy's Team

Pam Tischer-Wilson was a friend to all, especially the running community in the Quad Cities.   Because of her love of children, Pam she was pleased to be in charge of Steve's Team.  Steve is a runner from Chicago and traveled throughout the United States with running wheelchairs.  He asked local communities to find disabled children wanting to be pushed along the marathon routes and volunteers to push them.   

In February 2007, Pam was faced with a diagnosis of a very rare form of colon cancer, though she never stopped running.  When Steve decided to retire in 2009, the Quad Cities Marathon purchased the running wheelchairs from Steve with the thought Pam would continue the tradition.  After running her last Quad Cities Marathon in September of 2009, Pam lost her hard fought battle with cancer. The mission lives on and in honor of Pam, it was unanimously renamed  Pammy's Team in 2010.  It will continue to be a part of the Quad Cities Marathon for many years to come, offering an opportunity for children who would never participate in a race be a part of our great event!

Athletes help Children Cross the Finish Line